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If you are older than a certain age or simply have a yearning for nostalgia then you will love what we have to offer at Ringtonesearch.com


Do you recall the mobile phone ringtones of yesteryear? The synthesized sounds of old school Nokia, Ericsson another cell phones. If this means nothing to you then you likely don’t remember the era before the Apple iPhone. But what an era that was.

No mobile phone looked the same. In fact manufacturers from Motorola to Blackberry used to try and produce phones that looked remarkably different from each other.

Like cars, mobile phones all look the same these days. Design has morphed into a single stream of cell phone that makes it impossible to distinguish one phone from another even up close. Without that Branding logo, nobody would be any the wiser.

Like the old flip phone, we love the ringtones that these old phones used to produce. Often lo-tech and definitely synth sounding, ring tones were a way that manufacturers could differentiate themselves from one another.

Nokia had it’s class ringtones and so did Ericsson. Motorola had it’s own hits along with Treo and other who lead the way with polyphonic, true tone and eventually mp3 audio file ring tones.

Simply put. We love the nostalgic sound of mono, polyphonic and true tone ringtones that were the soundtrack to the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Let’s not forget that the Apple iPhone first came about in 2007. There was a whole world of phone sound before then and it was rich and diverse.

We aim to be the main resource on the internet for all your old school mobile phone ringtone needs.

Let us know if you think we are missing anything and contact us!

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