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The world is slowly heading into the realm of 5G and the age of IoT, and it is becoming increasingly crucial for phone companies to constantly upgrade feature phones to ensure they keep up with the ever-evolving world of smartphones. This is the case the world over, there are no exceptions. Let’s take a step back and look at one such example that is slowly bringing feature phones back into the limelight, the Jio Phone 2.


Since its inception and launch in August 2018, the Jio Phone 2 has proven to be a significant step up from its predecessor the Jio Phone. Consumer reviews have coined it as the epitome of reliability, and with over 25 million units sold in India and a projected 100 million more on the card for distribution to the rest of the world, Jio is seeking to revolutionize the convenience of 4G connectivity, and, ultimately, to lead the line into the next generational era of 5G in the very near future.

For those who are still new to the Jio Phone 2, it is simply a 4G feature phone that operates on the Kai (Kaios) operating system. Jio, the network operator responsible for this device based in India, created this feature phone primarily for its connective capabilities. It runs on a basic 1.2GHz, 4GB ROM as well as 512MB RAM. However, the good news is that it still drives up the numbers based on durability and overall utility value.

Jio Phone 2
Jio Phone 2

The emergence of powerful smartphones has put feature phones on a narrow path to oblivion, for the most part, but the Jio Phone 2 has proven to be a brand that refuses to go down without a fight. What it lacks in features, it definitely makes up for in sheer high-speed connectivity. This phone is perhaps the only one of its kind that has managed to give some of the most advanced brands in the market a run for their money.

The level of practicality that has been achieved since its launch in 2018 has gained critical acclaim even from the most avid of critics, bringing back the nostalgic feel of the once famous QWERTY keypad that made the Blackberry a fan favorite in the early 2000s. If that doesn’t sell you on the Jio Phone 2, then how about the 4-way navigation key, or the horizontal display? No? Well, if you have a knack for liking all things old school, then the Jio Phone 2 will definitely take you back to a much simpler time-but with 4G.

Jio Phone 2 Unboxing and Review in Hindi


The Jio Phone features a more compact, more comfortable design compared to its predecessor, or even your garden variety feature phones. The feel is different, the curvature is more authentic as it emulates that BlackBerry utility design.


The screen is a 2.4’’ QVGA display that is a little stingy on the pixilation, I mean, not to take anything away from it, but 240x320p doesn’t really offer much in terms of HD, but it works just as well, all things considered. The only way the display will affect anything is if you’re trying to go full HD, otherwise, you probably won’t notice the difference. Note that nothing about it screams out, what you get here is a decent construct, a feature phone at the very peak of its powers. It works, and it works better than any similar specification phone on the market today.


Further down, you get a centrally placed 4-way key that allows you to easily navigate and maneuver around the phone’s various features. Under it is a compact QWERTY keypad that you can conveniently operate with one hand. Granted, QWERTYs were typically designed to be operated with both hands, but, conveniently, the compact nature of the Jio Phone 2 gives you the extra leeway to be able to multitask. You can type with one hand and make a sandwich with the other.


A common concern with most smartphones, especially the new line variety, is that once you drop it, you’re done, you’ll have to pick your splattered screen up in little pieces. Not the Jio Phone 2 though. This phone is built with the durability and sturdiness of a Nokia 3310! It is built to withstand several drops, and you don’t have to worry, I mean, the screen is 2’’ after all.

What is notable though, is the fact that the keypad does feel a bit generic and overly stiff. The buttons are low grade and you will probably have a bit of a hard time trying to type anything out real quick, but considering the 4G angle, then that’s probably a drawback you can let slide.


Feature phones typically run on Edge internet, for the most part, 3G if you’re lucky, which is mostly the reason why battery life is in most cases never an actual concern. The Jio Phone 2 however, operates on 4G, so with its 2000mAh standard battery, you will have a bit of a problem if you’re constantly running data on it.

The battery can last you up to maybe a full day and a half with the data off, but if you’re online for long periods at a time, then you’ll have to keep your charger close because it drains pretty quickly.


It is quite obvious that the Jio was built for selfies. The 2MP camera is, well, as good as a 2MP camera can possibly be. Nothing to write home about really and professional photographers would scoff at the idea of buying such a phone when the main consideration is the camera quality. The quality isn’t great, but most people don’t buy it for the picture quality.

Customer reviews have indicated concerns that for a phone that costs INR 3000, perhaps they should have done a little better on the quality of the camera. But, hey, it is a feature phone after all, and again, what it lacks in photo quality, it makes up for in connective capability.

jio phone 2 unboxing and review
jio phone 2 unboxing and review


As you read this review, keep in mind that this is a feature phone with the features of an entry-level smartphone. It replicates the kind of value that you would not expect from a phone with similar specs. The physical design is pretty standard stuff, the dual SIM support would be great if it didn’t only support Jio compatible SIM cards, but overall, the phone works great.

The beauty of 4G connectivity is the options you get courtesy of the extra tweak in connectivity. Who would have thought that you would actually be able to make a video call with a feature phone? Sounds out-there, right? Well, you can with the Jio Phone 2, and that’s not even the best part. With the Jio phone 2, you also have access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google maps and you can make 4G calls to just about anywhere on the planet.

While other features on the Jio phone 2 are still contentious, the connectivity and audio quality are beyond reproach. Several customer reviews have praised the quality both on calls and even when streaming music live on YouTube.

I know USB cables aren’t really things you get excited about anymore, but on a feature phone, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Other minor details include The Jio App store, Jio TV, Jio Chat and many other Jio related apps. They are a bit limited because most of these apps are propriety and restricted to Jio. However, there is support for Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Maps and Youtube.

Finally, the extra SIM slot has caused a bit of an uproar from many customers who claim that it only works with Jio SIM cards, although it is indicated that it works with other networks SIMs. Now, this is still unsubstantiated, but perhaps it is a concern that Jio ought to look into.

Bottom Line

Again, it is important to emphasize the fact that it is, after all, a feature phone, so with all its features or lack thereof, it is, perhaps important to give credit where credit is due.

For the most part, Jio Phone 2 is mostly not designed for people who buy phones with the specific intention of taking photos or vlogging as it were. It is also not for the predominantly modern crowd that is all about Instagram. It does, however, suit anyone who wants connectivity on a massive scale, and doesn’t pay particular attention to screen size and megapixels.

The thing about the Jio Phone 2 is, it works, it’s reliable, it’s sturdy, you get all the common features an entry-level smartphone will give you, and it’s priced at a range that won’t burn a hole through your pocket. Now, I don’t know about you, but if that doesn’t spell top-class then I don’t know what does!

Finally, to be clear, if you’re shopping for a phone for the sole purpose of sheer size, then perhaps this one isn’t for you. But if you’re in the market for a phone that lets you browse at great speeds, lets you stream quality videos online in real time, lets you chat with your friends on all the major social media platforms, is reliable and highly durable, then the Jio Phone 2 is exactly what you are looking for!

Jio Phone 2 Unboxing


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