The Most Popular Old School Ericsson Ringtones Ever!

Vintage Ericsson Sounds

The term ringtone generally refers to a sound that a phone makes when it receives a call or text message to notify you about it.

Ringtones were used to be monophonic in the beginning, monophonic ringtone are those tone that only play one note at one time but with the passage of time and the advancement of mobile phones polyphonic ringtones were introduced.

Polyphonic ringtones are those tones that can play multiple notes in one time. Polyphonic ringtones were the musical notes only, users who wanted to have a ringtone of their loved songs have to convert these songs to audio musical notes by a ringtone maker application first to set it as a ringtone.

In 2002 a company named NEC launched a phone which has a truetone. Truetone means you can set any audio recording as a ringtone of your device and after that the mp3 songs are started to be used as ringtones. But after the introduction of trutones, polyphonic ringtones were still extremely popular in mobile phone users.

Every 90’s kid can refer how they used to enjoy a polyphonic ringtones parent’s phones. I still remember how I used to play ringtones on my father’s Nokia 1100 back in 2004. These ringtones were so pleasant to hear that I never get bored of them not even after listening for hours.

Obviously at that time mobile phones did not have social media applications and advanced 3d games to kill time so listening to the ringtones was never a bad idea to avoid boredom.

According to a Manhattan based marketing and consulting firm ringtones generated sales of 4 billion dollars in 2004. You can estimate the popularity of ringtones from this survey. In early 2000s Nokia phones were at boom.

Then there came a time when Sony Ericsson phones took it all from Nokia with its camera phones with better sound quality.

Both Nokia and Sony Ericsson used to have iconic default ringtone. It wasn’t difficult at all to make a guess if a person has a Nokia phone or Sony Ericsson when it was ringing in his pocket.

Sony Ericsson’s default ringtone is still not out of fashion even after 16 years it has millions of downloads from a famous ringtones website named Zedge (

Every 90’s kid must have some high school memories with Sony Ericsson T230’s ringtones.

The phone was launched in 2003 and it had some delightful ringtones like Copacabana and Sony Ericsson’s default one with the name of Sony Ericsson. It also had many other ringtone as well like;

  • Old Phone: Which has a retro sound of Old Landline telephone sets.
  • Greeting: It was a Alarm Tone kind of sound (Starts from a low volume, Low pitch which gradually increases)
  • Ice Cream: A sound just like an Ice cream van from the downtown.
  • Low & High Pitch: Both are different, One is a low pitch retro landline tone and the other one is the high pitched version of the same tone.
  • Carribean: A traditional Caribbean beach sound. Traditional and delightful
  • Irish Dreams: It was a sweet, melodious sound.

Before T230 Sony Ericsson had another phone with some great ringtone as well, it was T100 but it had ringtones with the name of melody 1, 2, 3 and so on. And After T230 there was a comparatively much advanced phone was launched in 2004 and it was Sony Ericsson K300i.

It was the biggest hit of that time and reason was its camera and sound and some awesome ringtones as well. It had some beautiful tones including a newer version of Sony Ericsson’s default ringtone as well. Sony Ericsson’s K-Series was so admirable that it received wow from its critics.

After K300i another big hit was K750i, it used to be a crush for every high school teenager. It had a 2megapixel camera and some euphonious ringtones like Bulls Eye, Dream, Morning Glow, Night Breeze, Stop Crying and surprise. It also had different amazing sounds like;

70’s Action: A typical sound of 70’s that were played in 70’s movies at the time of an action scene.

  1. Concert Crowd: Noise of a mighty crowd (applauses, voices, appreciations) what so ever you hear on a concert when the music stops.
  2. Enthusiastic: A sound of applauses and whistles.
  3. Hong Kong Action: Sound of Martial arts fight.
  4. Jungle Sound: Voices of different animals from jungle.
  5. Romantic: A romantic music from a 70’s movie.
  6. Silent Movie: Background sound of a silent movie (Just like Charlie Chaplin)
  7. Streets of NYC: Siren of Police Car from NYC.
  8. Thriller: Sound from 70’s movie which is usually played when a suspense and thrilling scene comes.
  9. Thunderbolts: Sound of a Thunderstorm.
  10. Wild West: A 70’s Cow Boy sound.

After Sony Ericsson’s K-Series there was another hit series which was its W-Series (Walkman Series). These phones were popular just because of its stereo sound features. These phones remained the best speaker phones from 2005 to 2009.

Any MP3 song could be set in these phones as a ringtone and these phones has some remarkable ringtones as well.

The first phone from the walkman series was W800i and it had some of the most popular ringtones of that time. One of them was Musical Medley; it was a retro Arabic sound which was remarkably pleasant to hear.

Some of the other popular tones might include Stop, Sunshine and Adagiyo. Another popular phone of Sony Ericsson’s W-Series was W200 which used to have some exciting new features and melodious ringtones.

It was launched in 2007 and it had dozens of new ringtones. Some of its popular ringtones are as follows;

  • Alien Phone: A sound Alien’s guns you might have heard in some sci-fi movies.
  • Anyone There: Sound of a Door Bell.
  • Happy Bugle: Sound of a bugle, which is often heard at Army parades.
  • Heavenly Harp: A pleasant and relaxing melody from heaven for sure.
  • Latin: A Latin dancing music track.
  • Music DJ Demo: A mixture of some different musical notes – typical DJ stuff
  • Where are you?: A pop music track. (Ringtone for Pop music lovers)

These Sony Ericsson phones and their ringtones were either our childhood or high school memories but despite the revolutionary change of mobile phones to smart phone these memories are not distant enough.

You might hear an old ringtone of one of the Sony Ericsson’s phone someday and you might be able to recall its name as well and it might make you smile. It will surely make you smile. That is the beauty of your childhood or high school memories, they make you smile.

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