The Most Popular Old School Nokia Ringtones Ever!

The Nokia Soundscape

Mobile ringtones have become an integral part of life just like mobile phones. Nokia is most certainly the flag bearer of all classic, peppy and iconic ringtones. It has completely changed how the world perceives a ringtone.

Even today, people look up for those timeless ringtones and set them as theirs. With the advent of smartphones, the classic ringtones have somehow faded away and users are only left with a handful of choices which are available by default on their smartphones.

The ringtones of today lack the magnetism which the old-school Nokia ringtones carry.

Let’s recall the good old days when the classic Nokia ringtones were a thing. Here’s a list of all those alluring and the most popular signature Nokia ringtones.

1. The Dying Battery Nokia Ringtone of 2007

The famous dying battery ringtone of Nokia became a sensation in the year 2007 and the company launched its male and female version after the tune gained immense popularity.

Some users found the ringtone annoying and displeasing but with alterations and enhanced speaker quality of the mobile phones, the ringtone continued to be a rage.

Many DJs worldwide released its remixed versions which were loved too. The ringtone was first launched as the whimsical version of the classic Nokia tune, suggestive of a low battery warning.

2. Nokia Morse Code SMS Alert tone of 2001

You have got to stop humming the previous ringtone to pay attention to this one! You probably didn’t know that the iconic SMS Alert tone was basically spelling out loud ‘SMS’ in Morse Code.

Technology back then seems way smarter than what it is today. The tune was specifically designed for SMS and message notifications.

Today’s tunes are mostly inspired by famous songs or animal sounds and evidently, there’s lack of creativity.

There’s still hope for another ringtone to become a sensation and spread like wildfire. The old ringtones are unarguably the most unique and catchy ringtones of all time.

3. The Nokia Waltz of 1992

This soothing tune was a part of waltz known as the Gran Vals written by the famous guitarist Francisco Tarrega in 1902 and was first used by Nokia in the year 1992 with the launch of first ever GSM mobile phone by Nokia.

This snippet of the original waltz, when freed from the shackles of copyright, became the Nokia Tune. This default tune is the most played ringtone in the world. It was heard 2 billion times a day which is the highest record in its category.

A British pop star named Thomas Dolby redeveloped the snippet for the mobile phone company and the rest is history.

This melody is the default ringtone on every Nokia phone. Introduction of a song in the form of a ringtone was an altogether new concept and innovative experience for the makers and the users.

The tune is definitely one of the most-loved tune of the world.

4. The Nokia 1100 Cha Cha Cha Ringtone of 2003

This ringtone’s impression is incomplete without at least one person in the room humming or dancing to it. If launched today, this ringtone will beat all common and monotonous ringtones overnight.

The ringtone emerged as the default ringtone of Nokia 1100 in the year 2003 and is still available on Nokia mobile phones. The tune is remarkable and praise-worthy. The ringtone was shareable across other Nokia mobile devices, an amazing feature that lacks in modern smartphones.

5. The High-pitched Telephone Ringer

The ringtone is reminiscent to the vintage Landline Telephone Ringers. This ringtone is loud and clear like a real telephone. The ringtone reminds people of their home and their landline phones.

All the times when they were glued next to the landline phone, talking for hours without the modern day network errors have become fond memories which Nokia has well taken care of with introduction of ringtone which is eerily similar to Telephones.

Gradually, other mobile phone companies also started imitating Nokia and its innovative use of tunes to present its users the most popular ringtones.

6. The Crazy Frog Ringtone of 2008

The song is going to make you feel nostalgic about the simpler times and all those times when the infuriating “ring ding ding” tune got stuck in your head. The tune became a prominent option among other amazing ringtones in the Nokia mobile phones.

The sound was accidentally created by Danial Malmedahl, a Sweden-native, in the year 1997 and was produced as an animated icon by the Swedish actor Erik Wernquist in 2003. It was originally known as The Annoying Thing.

The ringtone was popularized by the mobile content company, Jamba in the year 2005 and topped the charts in various countries. It was then picked up by Nokia as a ringtone to amuse the users in ways more than one.

7. The Nokia Office Tune of 2001

The innovative giant, Nokia kept in mind the very essence of originality by offering the subtle and simple Office Tune to its users. The tune is sophisticated and pleasing, to say the least. It was chosen by people who believed in professionalism and sophistication in their conduct.

However, it wasn’t meant for someone whose idea of leaving a first impression was amusement by  means of setting up a humorous ringtone.

The millennials might as well find this Office ringtone pointless and boring in front of their abstract smartphone ringtones but it is certain that the old school ringtones such as this one will come back and break all records.

With the inception of mobile phones, many objects have been replaced by applications and features of the mobile phones. However, ringtones have been quite an addition.

Thanks to Nokia for blessing the world with the most melodious and sometimes annoying ringtones and a million memories.

Even today, Nokia ringtones are remixed and retouched with modern music and tunes. The best part about the Nokia Ringtones was that these were free of cost and shareable unlike the ones in modern smartphones. Mobile users were limited and so were their reasons to stay engrossed in their phones.

As we look back at the glorious and melodious past of ringtones, Nokia definitely has pioneered the art of creating and recreating beautiful ringtones and of course, unforgettable memories attached to these ringtones.

To conclude, the timeless Nokia classics have indisputably outperformed the unoriginal and dull so-called ‘ringtones’ of the smartphone generation.

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