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So what’s so special about old fashioned ringtones, I hear you ask? Well, a lot! You have probably arrived here because you love the sound of those old-school ringtones.

Do you remember the simple sounds that mobile phones used to make back in the 1990’s and 2000’s? Primitive mono or polyphonic tunes that sounded like and 80’s synthesizer.

They are the ones we are talking about. In fact, we even go up to true tone ringtones that were the last technology advance before Smart Phones and mp3 audio files starred to dominate the realm of the mobile ringtone.

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There was a huge industry around finding and downloading the coolest ringtones for old mobile phones. Who had the latest ringtone? Where did you download it from?

Some well know ringtones and their origins

These coveted tones were all the rage for a decade. That is, until the iPhone came out in 2007 and kind of crushed the whole cool ringtone thing.

The iPhone and it’s cousins, the Smart Phones were able to play the newly arrived mp3 audio file as music sharing took off on the internet like wildfire.

Never was it so easy to rip a CD of music into small mp3 files. Little packages of music that were so incredibly easy to email and share on various sharing services.

So the demise of the old school ringtone kind of coincides with the  general demise of the recorded music industry. It was mp3 files that sounded the death-knell for each.

Luckily some of us still have strong memories of how great those old ringtones were and the scene that surrounded sharing and downloading them.

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The 1999 Philips Savvy Mobile Phone And Ringtones

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